Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Tucker

Happy 2nd Birthday Tucker!! Your family loves you so much and couldn't imagine life without you in it.  You bring so much laughter, fun, excitement,  joy, and pure happiness into our home! You love you brothers and your sister.  When they are gone at school you talk about them and call out their names.  You favorite saying is "Razor Ride, Razor Ride."  You absolutely LOVE Razor Rides and can not get enough of them.  Mom tries to take you on one everyday, even when it is freezing cold outside.  You love to go up all the big hills and are not afraid of anything.  You love all your tractors and cannot go to bed without them.  You also love your blankee and like to carry it around with you.  We have never had any children that were obsessed with a blanket, so it is really cute! You love to be outside and could stay out there all day long.  You are a daddy's boy and it breaks your dad's heart when he comes home and then has to leave because you cry and cry and cry! You still love your mama and want her when you don't feel good, but daddy is definitely top dog!!  For his birthday he got a remote control truck and was pretty excited!! We love you Tucker and hope you had a Happy Birthday!! Thanks for blessing our family!! 

Merry Christmas 2015

 In November we went back to Oklahoma for the deer hunt.  Josh loves to go for the rutt, so we missed all the family that went during Thanksgiving.  We had a good time, but I think I have decided that we need to go when the cousins are out of school because the kids really didn't get to play with their cousins very much.  They all had school, lessons, homework, and early bedtimes. I didn't really spend a ton of time with Carrie because she is busy with her little ones.  Josh said this was his hunting trip and we just got to come along for the ride, so he hunted everyday all day long.  We did go see a fun PBR event the first night we got there. It was good to see mom and dad and be home for a little bit.  I won't go into detail, but family dynamics can be tough sometimes and I was really ready to go home by the end of the week.  Drue and Kristin and their boys arrived the day before we left, so we were able to see their family for just a little bit! 

        Time truly does fly! We just felt like we had Christmas.  Even the kids felt like we just had Christmas...I never ever said that as a child.  With that being said, they were still SO EXCITED for Santa Clause to come visit our home.  Now that the boys are getting older, they want really expensive things. However, Ty only wanted the Fall of Cybertron Xbox 360 game and a Minecraft game.  I was shocked thats all he wanted.  Tag on the other hand had a huge list.  He wanted a WiiU, Kirby Wii Game, Smash Bros WiiU game, and then he decided he wanted a Yamaha 4-wheeler.  We let him know that Santa would not be able to bring all those things.  Tenley was so cute because all she wanted was an Art Box.  She has been talking about this for months.  Tucker loves all things tractors, razors, cars, trucks, and anything with wheels.  Every time we go to Oklahoma he loves to ride on the little kids Razor at the Lamoreaux's house, so we told Santa that he would love that.  Everyone got what they wanted minus the Yamaha 4-Wheeler.  They were all so excited and couldn't wait to play with all their new things.  They also got blankets, new pajama's, games, and money from Grammy and Poppy.  It was so cute when they opened Grammy and Poppy's present because it was a big stocking full of $1 bills and they were so excited to see all that money!  I would say Christmas was a huge success this year.  Tucker loved his Razor, Tenley immediately started playing with her art kit, Ty and Tag couldn't get the WiiU set up fast enough.  Josh was excited for his 22 bullets and I am super excited for my new rock wall on the fireplace and underneath the bar.  My favorite moment during Christmas was each of the kids opening their present from Tag.  He was so sweet and made each of them a handwritten card and some money. It was so sweet of him to think of others and give them his money! It is moments like this that make being a mom the absolute best job in the world!!  
       Later on in the day all of Josh's family came over to hang out.  We had dinner, played games, went on razor rides and just had fun together! It was a wonderful Christmas!! 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy Halloween

The kids said that "this was the best Halloween ever!!"  We did have a really fun time! They got all dressed up for school and had fun at their class parties. After school we left straight for Utah to spend time with our family! It was a quick weekend, but lots of fun! Josh got to play golf with Uncle Kay and then came back to Lauri's to play golf with me, Kevin, and Lauri. We had so much fun and it was good to have some adult time! Then Mike, Brita, and their kids came for dinner and trick or treating. The kids have never been trick or treating door to door before and they absolutely loved it! They got way more candy than they ever have before! I don't think Halloween will ever be the same and I really wish we could make it a tradition to go up to Utah every Halloween! Then on Sunday we headed up to Ogden and I got to spend time with my best friend from college, Mel Jensen.  I have not seen her since Tenley was 6 months old, so we had a lot to talk about! The kids had a blast playing with her kids and we just chatted and chatted! It's so great to have a friend that you can just pick up right where you left off.  I am excited that she lives closer now and hope we will see each other more often now.  After seeing Mel, we headed up to Eden's house for a family dinner.  It was great to see all of the family even if it was only for a short time.  We had a long drive home and had to say our goodbyes to everyone! 

The many faces of Tucker

I just can't get over this little boy!! He is just so fun and I get to spend everyday with him! I am one blessed mama!! He loves to play with his daddy's hats and loved the new beanie we got him! Another thing he loves is SWEETS!! Grandma and Grandpa Jensen came for our Primary Program and ate dinner with us and Aunt Crystal and Albert. He LOVED the ice cream so much that he had to lick ever little bit of it off the plate! He was a sticky mess, but he didn't care! He is 21 months old and growing up way too fast!!